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Our pilot product is the Zwobbel®, a fast and power-stable z-axis for laser material processing. The Zwobbel®-1020 allows for a significant reduction in processing times for laser welding and cutting – by up to 60%. The standard wobbling process as the dynamic movement of a spot in a scanning plane is replaced by an innovative wobbling process along the z-axis alone. Thus, the spot zwobbles. This additional oscillation in the beam direction offers the possibility of developing entirely new manufacturing processes in laser-cutting, welding, and hardening, and of establishing them in industrial applications. What’s more, the Zwobbel® works with single- and multi-mode lasers.

The Zwobbel®-532 is designed for structuring applications with a particular focus on high-power beams. It can attain a dynamic focus-position shift of 20 mm in 2 ms, and this short positioning time results in more dynamic processing. Additionally, the Zwobbel®-532 allows for beam refocussing in F-theta applications, with or without F-theta lenses. It may be a substitute for movable lenses.

Thanks to its unique design, it can be used directly under 90° deflection in the beam guidance system. In combination with its very compact design, this allows the Zwobbel® to be integrated into new and existing processing heads of laser material processing machines, independent of wavelength.

How it works

Laser machining relies on a laser beam that is focused onto a workpiece. The spot is guided along every plane of that workpiece using a laser scanner. However, under large deflection angles and/or thick workpieces, the laser’s focus loses its position in the z-direction.

All mirrors based on Zwobbel®-technology can hold their focus in the scanning plane as it dynamically changes its shape upon activation. At minimal deflection of the Zwobbel®,  the focal length of the system is held constant at the nominal focal length of the focusing lens. At the maximum deflection, the focal length of the focusing lens is maximally shifted.

Visualization of the Zwobbel generated focal shift
Copyright by Robust AO. Visualisation was created with 3DOptix simulation software.

Our Zwobbel® - fast focusing technology provides the following benefits

Your goal is our challenge:

Increase processing speed while maintaining machining quality

The Zwobbel®

Please see below for detailed specifications of the Zwobbel®-1020 and the Zwobbel®-532. A discussion of your application is welcome.


An implemented cooling solution and special mirror coating make it possible to use it with high power lasers emitting between 1020 nm and 1080 nm.


This mirror is designed for micro-structuring applications with pulsed machining lasers emitting at 532 nm. It may also be cooled if necessary.

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