Home of the Zwobbel®

The Zwobbel® allows laser beam wobbling in the z-direction during laser processing

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60% faster processing

Demonstrated in laser cutting by spot wobbling along the beam propagation

Small dimensions

The Zwobbel® has a small footprint and low thickness: 100 mm x 100 mm x 50 mm

All wavelengths

We use HR-coating techniques to customise the Zwobbel® to your technical needs

What ROBUST AO does?

ROBUST AO GmbH (Robust Adaptive Optics) develops and sells fast Z-axes under the brand Zwobbel® for high speed laser material processing. The Zwobbel®, as a ready to use solution, can solve a crucial problem: the very slow z-axis positioning speed in high power laser processes. By using a novel optomechanical technology, the system is faster, more power stable and more compact than comparable products. The use of the Zwobbel® even enables new processing methods in the field of laser hardening, laser welding and laser cutting as well as the development of new processing fields in micro-structuring.

For ROBUST AO customers, the time saved during the machining process translates into higher production efficiency and therefore, reductions in cost. Spot wobbling has been proven to increase processing speeds by about 60% during laser cutting of thick sheet metal when compared to standard processes using a static spot.

We are also developing other professional fields for our high-power-capable Zwobbel®-technology in the fields of laser and quantum communication.

laser machining, cutting and laser welding at the home of the Zwobbel.

Zwobbel® - focusing solutions

Our practical Zwobbel® designs speeds up your process, making time for new possibilities“

Other deformable mirrors

We develop dedicated deformable mirrors and adaptive optical systems for laser and quantum communication.

Deformable mirror for laser communication and optical feeder links.
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